Hi there! My name is Bruno, and I have a passion for photography and creating content. I'm based in Portugal, and I've been taking photos since I was young. Photography is a constant hobby and creative outlet in my life. I draw inspiration from everything around me, whether it's the people I meet or the places I visit.


Apart from photography, I'm also a tech enthusiast, and I run a YouTube channel called Bruno!Tech where I share my insights and experiences with the latest gadgets and trends in the industry.  I have a dedicated page on my website where you can find more details about my YouTube channel, including the brands I've worked with. You can visit that page by clicking here.

Academic Background

Academically, I have a master's degree in Multimedia and I'm currently pursuing my PhD in Informatics with a focus on using virtual reality to enhance foreign language learning. I am a VR researcher at the MASSIVE VR Laboratory and passionate about exploring the intersection of technology and education. To learn more about my research, you can find me on ResearchGate, or Google Scholar.

Contact Me

You can see what I'm up to on Instagram, connect with me on Linkedin, or hear what I'm listening to on Spotify. If you'd like to work with me on a project, feel free to send me an email.